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Ubiquiti Installer, Internal battery, WiFi connectivity to CPE, U Mobile Support


The U-Installer is a useful tool to make airMAX CPE installation easier. It provides Wi-Fi connectivity and 24V PoE power to a CPE, so you can use the intuitive UNMS Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet for alignment and configuration.

The U-Installer provides 24V PoE power to the airMAX CPE. With its internal battery pack, the U-Installer simplifies your installation toolkit.

The U-Installer’s hardware features make configuring and provisioning your CPE fast and efficient.

Powers CPE via PoE The U-Installer’s PoE out port conveniently supplies 24V passive PoE to the CPE device.
Durable Rubber Casing The removable rubber casing protects the U-Installer during installation.
External PoE Reset Quickly reset the device connected to the U-Installer to factory defaults.
Rubber Case Clip Use the clip on the back of the rubber casing to secure the U-Installer to a belt or pocket.

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Weight 0.2097 kg
Dimensions 115 × 77.9 × 61.1 cm