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Asus Barebones RS540-E8, 4U, 36 x HDD BAYS, 800W RDP, Dual E5 Support, 32 x DIMM, 1 x PCIE 16x, 2 x PCIE 8x


Parts List

ASUS R40D 4U Rackmount Chassis (13SV0006AM2001)

Z10PR-D16 Server board (60SB03V0-SB0A3J)

HDD Backplane
1 x BP12EX12G-35-R20F (60SC06P0-SC0A03)
1 x BP24EX12G-35-R40B (60SC06Y0-SC0A01)
1 x BP2LX-R12PD (60SC0440-SC0A02)

Front Panel Board
1 x Front I/O Board (FPB-R20F) (60SC0630-SC0A01)

USB Board
1 x Front USB Board (USB-R20A) (60SC00U0-SC0A01)

Power Distribution Board
1 x PDB-R20E (60SC07J0-SC0A01)
1 x PDB-R20E-C (60SC07R0-SC0A01)
1 x PSB-R20E (60SC07I0-SC0A01)

CPU Heatsink/ Cooler
2 x CPU Heatsink (13071-01790100)

Power Supply Unit
2 x POWER 800W 80+ PLATINUM (0A100-00080900)

HDD Tray
36 x R21A 3-5 HDD TRAY ASSY (13GS1I0AM061-1)
2 x R12A 2-5 HDD TRAY ASSY (13GS120AM021-1)

HDD Cage
1 x R9 D 25HDD CAGE ASSY (13SV0001AM0421)

3 x System Fans (120mm x 38mm) (13070-00560000)

Air Duct/Mylar
1 x R20 F Z10PR-D16 PLASTIC-DUCT (13SV0004P03011)

Mounting Rails
1 x Tool-less Rail Kit (13SV0006AM0921)

1 x MINI SAS TO 4 SATA L:400MM (14011-00050200)
1 x POWER CABLE 8P TO 4P,200MM (14017-00170000)
3 x INTERNAL SAS HD CABLE, L=85CM (14011-00480500)
1 x USB CABLE 2*4 TO 2*5,L=1280MM (14001-00300200)
1 x FPB CAB2*8/1*10+1*6+2*10 950MM (14001-00800500)
1 x POWER CABLE 24P TO 24P,200MM (14017-00050100)
2 x POWER CABLE 8P TO 8P,150MM (14017-00030200)
1 x POWER CABLE 8P TO 8P,600MM (14017-00030100)
3 x W.H CABLE 4P TO 4P, L:150MM (14G030011552)
3 x FAN CABLE 4P/M TO 4P/F, L100MM (14G000015410)
1 x PMBUS CABLE 5P TO 5P L:500MM (14G000611200)
1 x SMBUS CABLE 1*6 TO 1*6,L=350mm (14G030042900)
1 x LAN LED CBL 2*4P TO 1*5P L=900 (14001-00790000)
2 x POWER CABLE 8P TO 8P,480MM (14017-00030400)

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Additional information

Weight 15.09 kg
Dimensions 615 × 444 × 44 cm